Mecano, as part of its commitment to safe and reliable energy transportation, offers its products certified with the highest standards of materials, design and production.

Regulations applied to MECANO products


NEMA VE1 - 2017

Standards provide manufacturing parameters, focusing on dimensional, geometric, and electrical continuity, as well as coating. One of the most important concepts in this type of product is classification according to their load capacity based on the distance between supports.


NFPA 70 – American standard of the National Fire Protection Association on the design, installation and inspection for the protection of people and property against electrical hazards, with an emphasis on fire protection.

DIN 4102-12 (E90)

This German standard examines the behavior of the elements during 90 minutes exposed to 1000 degrees Celsius.
We performed the tests in a recognized certified laboratory in Europe showing that our products meet the highest standards of fire resistance without compromising their integrity and performance as cable trays.

RETIE 2013

It is the Technical Regulation of Electrical Installations and was created by Decree 18039 of 2004, of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.
The purpose of this regulation is to establish measures that guarantee the safety of people, animal and plant life and the preservation of the environment, preventing, minimizing or eliminating electrical hazards.


This certificate was issued directly by UL, where we conducted tests in their laboratories and met the demanding certification parameters that demonstrate our ability to comply with international standards mainly in aspects of electrical conductivity and product parameters under the NEMA VE1 and NFPA-70 standards.


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